Los Makinas

LM is a clan of SA:MP A/D founded by Alex & Pdc!
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 ZooM Application

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Data de inscrição : 16/09/2015

MensagemAssunto: ZooM Application   Qua Set 16, 2015 1:54 am

santa Application format


- Real Name: Bruno
- Age: 17
Country: Brasil
- GMT Timezone:  Brasilia
- Rate your English skills on a scale of 1 to 10:  8
- What other languages do you Speak?: espanôl,inglês
- Tell us about yourself (Introduce):  humildade parseiro

Gaming Info

- IGN (in-game name): ZooM
- Previous nicks you used?:
- How did you find out about LM clan?: amigo meu alex
- How long have you been playing SA:MP?: 5 anos
- How long have you been playing A/D?: 7 ha 8 mês
- What is your primary/secondary weapon set in A/D?: deagle,shotgun
- Can you perfectly C-Bug?: si and slide
- Do you use any modifications (if you do, tell us what you use)?: sound,effect,weapons
- Have you ever used cheats in SA:MP?: noop
- What is your average ping at EU servers?: 230,240
- Average FPS (frames per second) you use/get in-game?: 100 fps,80
- Are you active?: yes
- What is your youtube channel(want to see you play in game)?: ZooM
- List all the previous clans you've been in: rG,aS,STR,etc..
- Please fully explain why you left your previous clan(s): cllans closed
- Have you ever been denied/withdrawn your app? If so, why?: noop

- Do you have Xfire (contact name)?: --
- Do you have Skype (contact name)?: zoon.foot
- Do you have Mumble (required)?:ZooM
- Do you have a working microphone (required)?: yes

- Did anyone invite you?: alex me convidou
- Why did you decide to join us?: pela amizade com os amigos, jogo por diversão
- Are you capable of following orders on mumble?: sim
- Do you promise to speak English most of the time?: sim
- Your application might take long, are you patient to wait?: mais o menos
- Which other games do you play?: ragnarok,getamped,cs,crossfire etc..

Skills & knowledge

- Rate your skills on a scale of 0 to 10= 8

- AAD experience: 8
- Cooperation & teamwork: 7
- WW - Walking weapons: eagle,shotgun
- how good you are with no-cbug: 8,5 and slide
- Your favorite Weapon Set: eagle,shotgun,sniper,spas

- Photoshop: -
- Server Scripting/PAWNO: -
- Video editing: sony vegas.
- Website/HTML,CSS stuff: -
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ZooM Application
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